Let’s unlock your human potential to deliver extraordinary results

Say hell no to conformity and mediocrity. Close the door to being who others want you to be and let’s unshackle your bad-assery.

YOU were born with purpose. YOU were born a dream creator. A magic maker. Absolute soul shaker. To be a GAME CHANGER, A LEADER.

It’s time to break free from the shackles and decode patterns and beliefs. To smash through the inner critic. To rise up above mediocrity and to stand in your truth, power and greatness.

To live a purpose driven life you could ever imagine.

It’s YOUR time. It’s all YOU.

This is YOUR life. Get out of YOUR Own Way. Live on YOUR Terms.

Leadership happens every day. You create ripples in every moment. Do you know and understand your impact? Do you recognize your ability to influence every day? That you can make the impossible possible?

You see, it’s not always the big things that you create. It’s the little things you do every day. It’s the vulnerability that you display when you don’t have anything to hide. It’s the authenticity that you show when you don’t know. It’s the making of choices that challenges the status quo or goes against the grain when it’s the right thing to do.

It’s transcending limitations by creating new possibilities. It’s tapping into the inner revolution and leading you. It’s the uplifting of others.

It’s time to be bold, now.

Leave the cult of average. Deep dive towards a free mind and take inspired action.


It’s time to rise and create results.

It’s time to step into your genius.

Let’s be clear. Mindset is everything. 100% commitment is non-negotiable. You will be stretched and your potential amplified.

I see YOU. I know YOU exist. YOU were born to stand out.

Sometimes, you need to partner with like-minded people to take the next step. Perhaps a little kick start, kick up the ass or a re-boot.

If you'd like an ally... I'd love to put my hand up.

It's what I do, every day.

I help people move from a ME centric focus

to a WE centric collective.

So the big question is HOW?

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What you say about working with me

Francesca Jorgensen

I found as I result from my sessions with Angela, that these so called “obstacles” that have blocked me throughout my life seem very manageable to deal with. I am able to look at situations in a totally different light than previously. After each session I feel more empowered, confident and more trusting of myself. I look forward to continuing my sessions. Thank you Ange 🙂

Francesca Jorgensen
Sia Argyrakos

Angela is always a professional woman who only wants the best for others. Not only does she listen to what you are saying, she respects you without judgement. She is my personal and professional mentor where she has been able to give me the tools needed to become the best version of myself and to become the best leader for my team. She is committed at all times to providing the best results.

Sia Argyrakos
Melinda Carlson

Angela is an extraordinary coach. She brings so much knowledge and wisdom to the calls, yet guides me to find my own answers. I love working with Angela, both through coaching and her workshops. She is so genuine, comes from the heart and just makes me want to be the best version of "ME" so that I can pay if forward, and keep the ripple effect going.

Melinda Carlson
Joshua Calle

Personal transformational coaching

When it comes to life coaching, it doesn't get any better than this!

Over the past few months Ange has helped me reconnect with my inner self and also helped me see that I can live my dreams and make them a reality!

Her words of wisdom help me gain clarity, confidence and also positivity to a level that I have never experienced before even in times that are most difficult she helps me see the good. l would highly recommend working with her. She will support you, empower you and challenge you. She will champion you and she inspires you to let your greatness shine both in your career and life itself. Thanks Ange – you inspire me!

Human Dynamics – EDISC Profiling

It was the most precise test I've ever done! It's like it knew me back to front. It gave me a really good insight into my personality and also showed me areas in which I may need to improve on.

I was amazed how such a quick and easy test that took about 10 minutes to do could be so accurate about my personality. It also showed me what cause stress and how I can adapt my lifestyle when working with others. It was great to also see what was holding me back so l can focus on breaking through those areas and making changes so l can live the life l want. Thanks Ange for your wisdom, insights and approach – always amazing working with you!

I can say not only has she been a coach but also a friend who supports me with want I want to achieve.

Joshua Calle
Judith McDonald

I was facing a challenge in by business as it was not growing due to my lack of understanding of marketing and I was at the crossroads of what to do.

Having had unsatisfactory experiences with consultants in the past I had no intention of working with another one. After meeting up with Angela at a couple of functions I could tell her integrity, honesty and intention to help me succeed was worth the investment.

Angela was clear and concise with her instructions that encouraged me to explore and experiment with different avenues of my business that I had been afraid to do previously. She has a way of understanding her clients personality and uses this to facilitate the best way to motivate and encourage them to succeed.

Angela has given me the confidence to explore and experiment in all areas of my business and to turn around when something does not succeed and look for a new tactic.

I have no hesitation in recommending Angela to anyone, whether they need assistance in the business or personal aspects of their life.

Judith McDonald
Michelle Spadafora

Personal Transformational Coaching

I cannot express how grateful I am for everything that you have done. I have never really taken the time to explore within my self or even dedicate time to myself and you have given me the tools to be able to do so. Like many, I was always the one who was happy to help others but when it came to myself I would burry my issue hoping that they would eventually disappear, not realising that it was effecting me from moving forward whether personally or professionally. You have taught me to nurture and love myself and although it sounds simple and easy to do it was a big steps for me. But I am happy to say that I am so proud that I took the courage to take the first step with an open mind. I love the new me, well the me that I was born to be but hiding because of fear. People have already started to notice a change in me, my positive energy and aura and it feels amazing. I am connecting with people on a different level and being true to myself, trusting my intuition.

Thank you for your professionalism, from the get go without having met you face to face you made me feel comfortable to open up to you, there was a connection, I felt safe and knew that I was not going to be judged. I am still amazed how our conversation would start in one direction and then all of a sudden it took a turn to another and it felt good and I knew I was head down the right path with your guidance. Thank you.

Michelle Spadafora
Jackie Nielsen

This Woman has our future in her hands... She is one of the most committed driven woman in Business that I have had the pleasure to cross paths with ... She has what every good business person needs. Investing in her skills will bring the greatest of rewards... Go on back yourself and give her a call.

Jackie Nielsen
Julie Bolam Johnson

How do I want my life to be? What are the emotional states I want to feel consistently in my life? Honing in on what I value most, getting really clear on what that is and the meaning I give to these values has given me clarity and focus. I am so grateful to Ange Kambouris for giving me this gift. Ange is respectful, reliable, supportive and 100% there for you. Being skillfully guided and challenged to connect deeply with what you really want (to go beyond any mask or facade) is a privileged experience. If you want to get really clear about what makes your life uniquely worthwhile, treat yourself to some time with Angela Kambouris.

Julie Bolam Johnson
Marla Dunne

I met Angela in a professional setting about a year ago.   I was instantly impressed with her passion, intelligence, but most of all, with her commitment towards her clients. But it wasn’t until I became a client that I realised what an incredibly masterful coach Ang is. At that time, I was building my own business as well as working towards developing my personal life into what I knew it could be, but didn’t really know how. Funnily enough, while I am also a passionate coach, I had struggled as a client to have a coaching experience that was really impactful for me. When I started working with Ang, I immediately knew that this would be different. During our sessions, Angela demonstrated a depth of curiosity, compassion, and confidence that allowed me to feel completely at ease. My intended outcome was to become clear and connected with my values so that I could then take the steps necessary to live in accordance with them in all facets of my life. This was achieved in very powerful way – I had never experienced spending time with someone whose sole commitment was to me, to my vision, my thoughts, my world. And it was even more than that, because while I was always supported, I was also challenged. Challenged to recognize my strengths and challenged to acknowledge (and be totally comfortable) with decisions and actions I was taking that weren’t aligned with my goals. She guided me to take responsibility for my thinking and empowered me to truly understand that I was the driver of my life, not simply a passenger. Since working with Ang, I have clarity around what I want to experience in life and business. As a result, I am consistently making decisions and taking actions that are moving me exactly in the direction I want to go. If I had not made the decision to work with Ang and to then commit to myself, I wouldn’t have the mindset that is currently serving me now. Angela is professional, yet personal. She is willing to go the distance for her clients. I am grateful for what I have learned and how I have grown as a result. Many thanks!

Marla Dunne