Raw and real – the gifts of imperfection

The gifts of imperfection – experiencing BLAB for the first time

Over the years l have been given many words of wisdom, pearls of advice and pure gold about expanding our unfamiliar zones, continuous learning and take massive imperfect action.

So, l did that.

I was recently interviewed by someone overseas regarding my business through the BLAB platform. I had set up the space where this would be done live, had it all worked out, filled my need for certainty and it all turned to crap. It was brilliant.

Could not log on when we went live, laptop wouldn’t work, jumped on the iPhone and of course could not hook into to the Blab platform and then moved the third time into my office. A few hours before l was using my office to map a new project that l am working on so l had crap all over the room as l had been immersed in my creative thinking. Little did l know that would be where l going live later on in the day.

Of course, jumped on the PC and after 30 mins of persistence and determination to get on this live event, l connected amongst the chaos of my room and we moved into the interview. It was brilliant as l used the experience to remind us all that we are all flawed, things go wrong and when you embrace those gifts of imperfection, you will deliver your message with confidence and celebrate the human- ness (i’m sure that’s a real word!) you bring. Keep it real and raw. That’s what people love.

Stand in your power and serve your audience with tremendous value and love. Isn’t that what it’s about?

PS. Take the piss out of yourself and see the lighter side of life. What’s the worst thing that will happen?


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