4 Money-Making Habits That Propelled Sara Blakely, Mark Cuban and Tony Robbins to Phenomenal Success

The global elites play a different game. Wealth is not created by wishing, manifesting and burning sage. Concrete plans, committed desire and wondrous persistence are the key drivers were the wealthy play.

To create a path to financial success, you must change the way the way that you think about money. A genuine analysis of the things you do that make you look good as opposed to the things you can do that are good for you and your long-term wealth creation process.

Money is like a mischievous cat. If you chase it around the neighborhood, it eludes you. If you ignore it and focus on what attracts the cat, it comes to you. Phenomenal success is created when you focus on solving people’s problems. Chase needs, not money. Money reflects the value you give to others. The more you solve people’s problems, the more likely you become a wealth making machine.

Let me share how the four critical habits that will allow you to start making smart decisions when it comes to wealth creation and making a difference.
An undeniable commitment to achieve.

All the super wealthy started with a certain amount of dreaming before they conquered the masses. As Napoleon Hill alludes that riches begin in the form of thought and only limited by the person in whose minds the thought is put into motion.

When we soulfully believe, our limitations do not own the front footage of our mind. When we infuse our subconscious mind with phrases and mantras we turn desire for money or success into reality. The principle of auto-suggestion depends upon your capacity to focus upon a single desire until it becomes a burning obsession that nothing outside that very thing, exists.

Adding never-ending value and always being the student.

Being rich is a birthright. If you create massive value for others, the world reciprocates. Expansive thinking will catapult your income.

Knowledge is power. If we don’t implement, then it is just words on paper. If you ever think that there is an end you are mistaken. Wealth creators are voracious readers, open their minds to challenge and never stop learning. They align with creative minds as they believe more thought energy is amplified than a single brain.

Tony Robbins describes to build his wealth, achieve success and enjoy a more fulfilling, higher quality life, he reads every day for at least 30 minutes a time. By reading, Tony nourishes his soul and maintains focus on goals while building knowledge, skills and fiscal value.

Visualization of success and execution.

If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can language it, you can have it. When we allow our imagination to be nurtured, then our ideas become the beginning points of all fortunes.

Sara Blakely is a strong believer in visualization and the power of thought.

Self-made billionaire, Blakely whose small disruptive idea to cut her control-top panty hose underneath by cutting the feet, led her to patent her own footless body shaping panty hose, amounted to her billion-dollar business, Spanx and rocketed her into the limelight. Blakely envisioned herself on Oprah’s couch even though she was unsure of the reason and years later, Oprah named Spanx one of her favorite things of 2000.

Once you have visualized your success, action must be taken. What often happens is that we start well, build momentum and then the first point of challenge or defeat, we collapse and give up.

Persistence being the key that unlocked the door.

There is no substitute for persistence. Having the willpower to bring your dream to a reality and the willpower to turn your desire into money. The self-made success stories do not see failure as the end of their dreams, but rather a platform to learn how to improve their plans and goals. It’s only when you let failure truly stop you that you have truly failed.

As Aaliyah’s song goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off, and try again”. Mark Cuban wrote in his book “It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failure and neither should you”.

Success is not a linear path. The most successful tend to have dealt with and overcome failure hundreds of times over. Mark Cuban famously tried to sell powdered milk, to giving dancing lessons to make money which led him to hosting lavish disco parties at Bloomington National Guard Armory. Early in his career he dedicated to doing well however he wanted more. Immersing himself into learning everything he could to be able to get the edge over his competitors. His commitment to persistence paid off.

Sara Blakley built in excess a billion-dollar business by using failure as a stepping stone, an undeniable commitment to her vision and persistent to find solutions when others believed there were none. Had Blakely passed her law exam, Spanx would not exist. Persistence is the key that opens doors and creates a springboard for success.

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