Be imperfectly flawed -analysis paralysis !

In recent times l agreed to record a video with a key message for a group l participate in. At the time, l was wrestling with laryngitis and for those who know me well, l can put up a good fight. Heaven behold, l was determined, focused and passionate about delivering my message. So what did l do?

I could have asked someone else to do it for me, could asked another member of the group to swap opportunities and to completely cover for me however that was not going to work for me.

I chose and made a decision that l would find another way to communicate my message. And so l did.

Analysis Paralysis

What did l learn?

I was falling in love with who l was becoming by being imperfectly flawed. I was falling in love with me even deeper as l knew l was worth communicating my message irrespective of the barriers that were restricting my human spirit.

My message was simple. We spend so much time trying to figure everything out, learn everything, master everything and even at time, seek approval from someone to  endorse our message is okay. Often this is done before any action is taken and yet we invest so much in books, courses, coaching, webinars and become the serial learner.We immerse ourselves in hope, waiting to see if one day that magical time will automatically move us from learning into action.

So it’s time. Make a decision. Your decision will determine your destiny. Take massive, consistent imperfect action. Create incredible success and don’t wait for the confidence to come as it won’t until you take action.

Failure is a key component of success. Start failing fast. Start failing forward. Actually, just get in the game. Step in, step up, just do something. There is never a right time. Live it now as life honours the person who lives. We all have an expiration date, so don’t let the music die within you. Expand you unfamiliar zone, go beyond the safety and build the muscle and repeat, repeat, repeat.

When you fall down, make a mistake or completely mess it up, as you will, do it AGAIN! When you get stuck, or feels to hard, do it AGAIN. Always do something else and try it again, and again and again. Fall in love with doing it again and trying something new. Take action, one small step. Fall in love with who you are becoming by being imperfectly flawed. Fall in love with you even deeper as you are so worth it!


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