The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  

Eleanor Roosevelt

Most people have heard the magnificent Dr Martin Luther King I have a dream speech. A fitting message in current times where the human spirit throughout the world is being challenged. Let’s revolutionalise our thinking, empower individuals to connect with their purpose and break barriers that restrict the human spirit.

Let’s commit to us! Individually, that we recognize and celebrate our accomplishments and together we make a collective impact to make a difference in the lives of all people. When we shine, it’s not for the world to see us, it is so when we shine, through this, others can see themselves. What an extraordinary gift to enrich the lives of today and the next generation.

Unlock your human potential by discovering your superpowers. Make the world a better place in little ways every day by using your superpower to assist others. When you think about it, superheroes show us how to lead better lives. Batman communicates you only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you. You are someone, you mean something. Wonder woman forces people to tell the truth with her magic lasso reminding us that we should all strive to be our true selves. The Incredible Hulk, must learn to accept his vulnerability and see his beauty in his supercharged beast form. Spiderman responds by being kind, funny and humble.

What’s your superpower? My superpower is helping you rock your superpower! I believe there are three key elements that show you how to discover and unlock your superpower:

  • What comes naturally to you? What are your normally good at? What is the thing that you do better than others? When you were a child, what were you good at and still are now as an adult? What things do people compliment you on?


  • What fills you with passion? What topics do you naturally gravitate to? What type of books are on your bookshelf? What are you hearing that fascinates you? What are you seeing that inspires you? What do you love to learn about?


  • What makes you different? There is only one of you – there is no one else like you. What makes you unique, even if it seems a little weird? What special talents, skills, interests make you different? What unique thoughts do you have? Any unique contributions you have made?


When you think about the intersect of what naturally comes to you, the inner passion that lights you up and the unique value you bring to the world, your superpower becomes magnified. When you stand in your power, you open your mind to new levels of thinking. When you recognize what’s in the inside, it’s amazing how the outer world starts to follow.