Is it your circus or monkey?

Drama is everywhere, don’t you think? Drama of any kind is such a circus. I remember going as kid to the circus, watching the entertainment, captivated by the spectacular lights and the bubbly clowns.

That’s the point.

The circus was entertainment.

Real life on the other hand or business is not.

What is your need for the drama or spectacle in your life?

How is that serving you and what are you getting out of that?

How is that working for you?

Monkeys on the other hand, very cute and cuddly. Well let’s put it out there. For all their cuteness, they are notorious for creating chaos and getting involved in perhaps what they shouldn’t.

Quick question.

When you go to the circus, do you run out into the middle of the big top and take over?

Do throw yourself in to the lion’s den whilst the ringmaster is engaging the lion in tricks?

Or do you plunge at the elephants circulating the stage, as there massive feet hit the ground.

Of course you don’t. You eat your popcorn, admire the magic before you and allow others to experience their journey. Who are you to take away someone else’s experience and learning?

Don’t you think it’s time to bring the same energy into everyday life and business?

Just a thought?


Angela Kambouris Consultancy

#youmatter #everybodymatters #dramafree