Unlock Human Potential To Deliver Extraordinary Results

Angela Kambouris

Throughout life l have always been curious about the human spirit. Whether it was growing up in a Greek household, challenging cultural norms or the status quo at school and university about how women should behave. l knew l was destined to be in leadership roles.

I’m Greek – we talk with our hands, we have an opinion, and we take risks – we bet on ourselves. Engaging in leadership roles throughout my life and career l have always been passionate about human behavior, specifically on self-leadership and the wellbeing of people.

I'm about bringing back human connection and compassion because l think our world needs a little more.

What moves me, what moves my soul, is to bring tremendous value to people.

Let’s call it, leading from the soul. Unlocking human potential, connecting you back to your internal power to deliver phenomenal results in pursuit of creating your happiness and succeeding within your dream. Enabling you to understand why being a leader is important and how you can best serve the people around you. Teaching you how to lift people up and to be the catalyst for successful change.

People are the greatest asset of any business or organization. When you embrace an insatiable curiosity when working with people and learn the way people think, what moves them, this is the key to unlocking their human potential. However, the leader’s mindset is the master key for aligning success in business, career and life. When you embrace your qualities from the inside out, you create your own reality, you create everything.

We all make mistakes. We all have fear. When you accept that all people are not immune to this, in fact it is the golden gift that builds confidence and provides an opportunity to embrace a paradigm that allows you to grow, learn and create success. When you ignite your purpose from within, you fuel your inspiration and you thrive through adversity. In fact, you come alive.

As a leadership coach and business leader having spent over 20 years in the field of vulnerability and trauma, l built a high-level career as an executive. My degrees in psychology, teaching and in addition expertise in human behavior, afforded me executive, senior manager and statewide emergency service role across Victoria. How to drive client and employee engagement, effectively manage and lead teams of people and create high performance workplaces. I was privileged to facilitate and deliver leadership training, mentoring and coaching people to live life powerfully, both at work and at home.

At the pinnacle of my career 2014, an executive in the corporate world l was miserable. There always seemed to be something getting in the way, too much to do and too little time. I worked extraordinary long hours, lived and slept with technology – if it wasn’t the mobile phone ringing 24/7, it was the endless emails or anticipation of the next call. When l would find a few moments to spare or as l would language – “maximizing my time”, l would respond to emails at insane hours so l wouldn’t miss something important at work. My life was out of harmony and l struggled to get off the pair of roller skates going down a very steep hill. I know what it feels like to be in over your head, when my success came at the expense of my health and my relationships.

When life came to a standstill - intensive care will usually do that for you, l made the decision that l wanted a different life. A life on my terms. A life where l could breathe again. A life that was far greater than me. With no idea, how or what, l took the first step. I took responsibility for my life and l wanted it to be different. I looked within. You see, l knew what it meant to have inner strength and feel fulfilled. I had experienced that in other areas of my life and l wanted that again.

Leaders create leaders. They place their staff before anything else. When you care about your people you create a human-centered business. Success is based on collective growth and extraordinary results.

AK Consultancy

In 2015, Angela Kambouris Consultancy was born.

Global consultancy with a single focus – unlock human potential to deliver extraordinary results. Helping people do brilliant work. Helping people thrive amongst change. When people realize their leadership capacity and strengths, personal responsibility and productivity amplifies. Leadership is a belief. It’s a mindset. A way of living.

In 2015 l transitioned into a business owner, built an online and offline business and work with world class human influencers. Through personalized mentorship, speaking events, and offering tons of valuable content from my experience, my clients were achieving their outcomes, create transformational change and bringing their leadership capabilities to life.

If you feed your focus, anything is possible. Choosing a leader’s mindset, building a culture that builds on strengths will create a platform for your inevitable success.

The path is yours to define. Your passion is always unique to you. Stand in your truth, power and greatness. I see you. I know you exist. You were born to stand out.

2016 was the year my business propelled forward. I started writing for some of the largest websites in the world such as  The Huffington Post, About Leaders and Global Thrive. Today, l write for 7 publications including Entrepreneur, Leaders In Heels, She Own's It and Addicted2Success.  I began delivering professional development training to companies, entered the consulting arena and took for the first steps to the speaker arena through my business. Amongst the opportunities, I delivered my own workshops, expanded my coaching clients with outstanding results and built online course.

Success is birthed by a shared vision and values in action. A culture of human thriving is supported by shared stories, honest dialogue and a commitment to personal growth. Discipline, purpose and an urgency to deliver extraordinary results underpins an organization’s success.

AK Consultancy

Today, I live a life l love even more. I teach people to amplify a growth mindset, step into their zone of genius and lead fearlessly. I subscribe to possibility and l am living proof of what’s possible. The road less travelled is not an easy one, there will be challenges, more like a roll coaster but l know with the right focus and plan, you determine your destiny.

Building your life, career or business isn’t brain surgery. When you establish clear foundations, language what you stand for, market your message and consistently add value to others, life looks a little different.

It is time to deliver outstanding results that you can only do. To leave a lasting impact on the world.

Let me help you create new possibilities and unleash you for action to build a life having more freedom to live how you choose.

My name is Ange. Pleasure to meet you.

Thanks for being here with me. Looking forward to connecting with you.

If you would like to say hey, shoot me an email youmatter@angelakambouris.com or join me on social media.