Mediocrity or failure?

When you wake up, are you excited to go to work?

Are you able to push the envelope and live on the edge of the box and not in it?

Do you have the ability to master your work and feel a sense of purpose when you work?

What would happen if you were not able to spend 100% of your time doing the things that you love doing the most?

What would happen if you became a mediocre employee that could not deliver what the organisation deserved?

What if your fear of mediocrity was greater than your fear of failure?

What would 7.4 billion people on the planet do?

What decision would they make?

More importantly what decision would you make?

Mediocrity or failure?

No one wants to be mediocre at everything in our lives.

What if l said that we have to be mediocre at many things to excel at what truly matters?

Adolescence is being good at everything, adulthood is changing gears and specialising and prioritising one.

Our priority becomes playing our own game.

Our strength is the flip side of the coin.

Our goal to take bold action and magnify our strengths to serve others.

Maybe it’s allowing our self to suck.

Letting go of an opportunity that doesn’t fit.

Be ok with mediocrity in the things that don’t matter.

Immerse yourself in the things that do.


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