High Performance Coaching

Individual or Group

Coaching can be the catalyst for profound change, increased performance and immediate impact.

Whether you are a seasoned executive, business leader or transitioning into a new role you want a trusted advisor that will partner with you to quickly expand your capabilities. We have coached people leaders, emerging leaders and leadership teams from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

By investing in people and developing greater emotional and social intelligence, cultivating resilient and refining interpersonal skills we will support you to lead with greater influence and impact.

Leadership coaching supports you to gain clarity and confidence to take you the next level by becoming more visible, present and inspirational. It is the ultimate connection to one's true potential.

I have over 20 years’ experience working with people, working with teams and building empowering environments to make a difference.

I have showed thousands of people how to:

  • Discover their strengths
  • Create impactful careers in making a difference when serving others
  • Uncover blueprints of “success” for them
  • Build and sustain stronger relationships
  • Integrate neuroscience and action learning
  • Lead responses to highly political media driven and sensitive situations and
  • Create a legacy so they are remembered for the difference they made in the world.

Why Now?

With today's age of digital disruption, business is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Disruptions, distractions, exhaustion and burnout are the reality. Our targeted, holistic approach focuses on what drives performance, supports you to achieve impactful results and sustainable change for you, your team and your entire organisation.

Leadership and Executive Coaching will:

  • Strengthen your leadership and executive presence
  • Gain clarity and confidence to take you to the next level
  • Improve emotional and social intelligence
  • Learn to engage in courageous conversations
  • Lead with greater impact and influence through stories
  • Accelerate learning curve
  • Exchange time management for energy management
  • Embrace holistic practices to improve listening capacity, presence, boost performance and unlock creativity.

Coaching For You

Coaching for work and life.

Whether you want to choose to close a skill gap, increase your capacity to lead with greater impact and influence or build better human relationships, we understand what it takes to move from good to epic.

We understand boundaries get blurred between work and life. Our holistic approach trades burnout for balance and will transform your perspective, performance and peace of mind.

Let's partner to enhance your leadership capacity, strengthen your executive presence, improve your performance and master work-life harmony.

Our methods embody human behaviour, practical psychology, technology, neuroscience and bottom line results through systemic change.

Coaching For Team and Organisations

We are a trusted adviser and skilled partner to executives, business leaders and Fortune 500 companies to achieve your greatest goals.

Creating systemic change through:

    • Improving leadership and performance skills to increase influence, income and impact
    • Supporting leaders transition to a new company or role
    • Developing greater meaning and purpose in your work to enable teams to reach full potential
    • Co-create environments where your people are engaged by their work, productivity levels increase, retention rates of your talent are better and people experience a better sense of health and well being
    • Build a culture of accountability and inclusivity
    • Reach new levels of performance and results.

Leadership is critical to your organisation's bottom-line success, elevating your performance, engagement and culture.

Building inspired cultures and evolved teams - one leader and one team at a time.




One on one coaching/ mentoring

Identification of strengths and leveraging talent

Accountability & Support

Corporate coaching engagements are generally contracted in six-month intervals.

Sessions are offered in person, on the phone or combination of both.

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