Leading YOU Immersion Group

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Say Hell no to conformity and mediocrity. Close the door to being who others what you to be.

Let’s unshackle your bad-assery.

You were born with purpose. You were born a dream creator. A magic maker. Absolute soul shaker. To be a game changer. A leader. 

It’s time to break free from the shackles and unmask those sabotaging patterns, thoughts and beliefs.

To smash through the inner critic

To rise up and above mediocrity to stand in your truth, power and greatness.

To live a purpose driven life you could ever imagine.

It’s YOUR time. It’s all YOU.


melinda carlison

Angela is an extraordinary coach. She brings so much knowledge and wisdom to the calls, yet guides me to find my own answers. I love working with Angela, both through coaching and her workshops. She is so genuine, comes from the heart and just makes me want to be the best version of “ME” so that I can pay if forward, and keep the ripple effect going.

Melinda Carlson

Jackie Nielsen

This Woman has our future in her hands… She is one of the most committed driven woman in Business that I have had the pleasure to cross paths with … She has what every good business person needs. Investing in her skills will bring the greatest of rewards… Go on back yourself and give her a call.

Jackie Nielsen


“Live on the edge. Stretch and expand your thinking.
That is where the growth lies.”


People who made into discomfort and vulnerability and tell the truth about their stories are the REAL BADASSES.

Brene Brown

This is YOUR Life. Get out of Your Own Way. Live it on Your Terms.

Leadership happens every day. You create ripples in every moment. Do You know and understand your impact? Do You recognise your ability to influence every day?

How do you make the impossible possible?

You see, it’s not always the big things that You create. It’s the little things You do every day.

It’s the vulnerability that You display when You don’t have anything to hide.

It’s the authenticity that You show when You don’t know.

It’s the uplifting of others.

It’s the making of choices that challenges the status quo or goes against the grain when it’s the right thing to do. 

It’s tapping into the inner bad-ass-ness and leading you. 

Now that’s a bad-ass leader.

Leave the cult of average

Deep dive towards a free mind and take inspired action.

Sometimes, you need to partner with like-minded people to take the next step. Perhaps a little kick start, kick up the ass or a re-boot.

Being part of a collective, were you want to create change, choose empowering and inspiring choices in all areas of life.

I want you to join me in this powerful Immersion Group.

We will collectively immerse in a group online program where you awaken the inner GRR.

Decode patterns by stepping through the fear and find your authentic voice.

The deep, inner voice that resides inside YOU only.

We will deep dive into YOU. Un-conceal your vision for you. Your Life. Your future.  Take imperfect action. Move from impossible to possible and bring YOUR authentic YOU to life.


Julie Bolam

How do I want my life to be? What are the emotional states I want to feel consistently in my life? Honing in on what I value most, getting really clear on what that is and the meaning I give to these values has given me clarity and focus. I am so grateful to Ange Kambouris for giving me this gift.

Julie Bolam Johnson


When it comes to personal transformation coaching, it doesn’t get any better than this! Over the past few months Ange has helped me reconnect with my inner self and also helped me see that I can live my dreams and make them a reality! Her words of wisdom help me gain clarity, confidence

Joshua Calle

THIS IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST an online seminar.

THIS IS SO MUCH MORE THAN just a bunch of people getting together talking surface level crap.

It’s time to get real. Imagine leading your life with purpose. Being in alignment with your soul’s truest desires.

Unleashing YOU for action.


SCREW HIDING who you truly are.

FUCK SETTLING and imagine having the freedom to live your life how you choose.

It’s time to be BOLD. To fulfil your potential.

Make a commitment to YOU.

Embrace the inner gangster and magnify your greatness.

Absolutely – live life on my terms.

So, Tell Me More About the Immersion Group…

You will be surrounded by other like-mind people game changers.

We will smash through the obstacles, decode patterns and transcend limitations by stepping through the fear to lead your life with passion and more meaning.

Deep dive into the patterns you’ve been running, along with the ideas for creating new possibilities.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Step into your genius.

Let’s be clear. Mindset is everything.

100% commitment is non-negotiable.

You will be stretched, your potential amplified and you will reconnect back to YOUR power.

I see you. I know you exist. You were born to stand out.

When Does It Start?

Launch date

September 2019

4 month Immersion Group will run until end of December 2019.

Ready to take the next step?

I’m ready to BREAKFREE!

What will you get…..

You have the chance to work with me personally in an exclusive and intimate online group program limited to 8 game changers.We will focus on creating, empowering and inspiring choices in all the areas of your life, which include relationships, mind, body, spirit and well being.

Weekly group live call via Zoom and session will be recorded therefore unlimited access.

We will spend time decoding patterns and behaviours by exploring how to:

• Activate your internal personal power
• Explore how full your love tank is
• Unshackle fear
• The faces of drama
• Embrace the gift of forgiveness
• Break through toxic emotions

• Other inspiring topics will be revealed.

• Time for Q&A, sharing and support are also built in.

More will be unveiled once the program begins…

And there’s more….

Afternoon MEET UP group scheduled in  December 2019, with the experts in mind, body and spirit organized for FREE.

Human influencers and experts that will provide tips and strategies in reclaiming YOUR magnificence.

The program will give you in-depth knowledge, strategies, and tools to implement in the group and beyond, for a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

Closed private Facebook group, where you can share your stuff and stay connected



Angela is always a professional woman who only wants the best for others. Not only does she listen to what you are saying, she respects you without judgement. She is my personal and professional mentor where she has been able to give me the tools needed to become the best version of myself and to become the best leader for my team. She is committed at all times to providing the best results.

Sia Argyrakos


I found as I result from my sessions with Angela, that these so called “obstacles” that have blocked me throughout my life seem very manageable to deal with. I am able to look at situations in a totally different light than previously. After each session I feel more empowered, confident and more trusting of myself. I look forward to continuing my sessions. Thank you Ange.

Francesca Jorgensen

Hell Yeah – get out of my way.

I want in.

Who is Angela Kambouris?

Ange is globally known as an authentic empowering leader. She is a highly valued leadership coach and business leader having spent over 20 years in the field of vulnerability and trauma. She built a high level career as an executive and transitioned into a business owner, built an online and offline business and worked with world class human influencers.

Ange  is super passionate about redefining leadership across the world, bringing back human connection and compassion as she think our world needs a little more. What moves her is leading with soul, unlocking human potential and reconnecting people back to their internal power.

Ange has been featured as a writer and contributor for The Huffington Post, About Leaders –leaders making a difference and Global Thrive. She has master-minded with leaders and expert authorities in personal development and business all over the world.

Are you ready to UNLEASH


4 month program – 16 LIVE weekly sessions with direct access to me. 

All sessions are recorded and you have support in the Private Facebook Group every day.

Choose the option that’s best for you?

One of payment of $1300 AUD

4 Payments of $350 AUD

Pay upfront and receive the following BONUS:

A coaching call for 30 minutes per month  

3 month membership to AK Consultancy

Hit the Apply button below!

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Please note

I will be assessing each application and selecting the 15 magic makers that I feel best fit the Leading You Immersion Group. If you are ready to delve deep and stand in your truth, l am ready to hear from you.