Soul Immersion Retreat

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Re-awaken your soul’s journey

Why you need to give yourself the gift of a new world of possibilities.

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It’s time to crush the illusion and remove the veil.

Human beings are phenomenal imposters. We become masterful at life in that we actually forget that we hide behind masks to conceal our authentic self. We suppress these internal messages, tell ourselves we are okay and things will get better.Yet, they don’t and then we feed the internal stories to keep them alive.

It’s time to take the blinkers off our eyes, unplug our ears and embrace the very thing we are afraid of.

It’s time to immerse yourself deeper by turning the light on to what keeps you in the dark. To stand in your power, own your truth and embrace your treasured gifts.

It’s time to tap into the essence of who you are to become free to experience the totality of your life.

It’s time to go within and form a relationship with your entire being and recognise your ability to steer your life in the direction you choose

It’s time to awaken your soul’s truest desires and unlock your human potential.

If not you, who?

If not now, when?

Can you hear your name being called?


Do you want to join me…

Open the door and join me at this breakthrough event?

When we open the door,

we stand in our truth.

Visibility is the key.

Authenticity is the doorway.

Inspire possibilities

You’re potential is LIMITLESS!


melinda carlison

Angela is an extraordinary coach. She brings so much knowledge and wisdom to the calls, yet guides me to find my own answers. I love working with Angela, both through coaching and her workshops. She is so genuine, comes from the heart and just makes me want to be the best version of “ME” so that I can pay if forward, and keep the ripple effect going.

Melinda Carlson

Jackie Nielsen

This Woman has our future in her hands… She is one of the most committed driven woman in Business that I have had the pleasure to cross paths with … She has what every good business person needs. Investing in her skills will bring the greatest of rewards… Go on back yourself and give her a call.

Jackie Nielsen

The Roadmap


At this retreat you

will unveil the aspect of you that

restricts you and keeps you from

experiencing a fulfilled life.

So the big question is how?

We work on the key principles of three processes to reclaim

the disowned aspects of our self and to stand in our authenticity

What you’ll be doing….


Even before the Immersion Retreat , an individual call will be scheduled to begin the process of stepping into being you. This is your chance to crush the illusion and elevate your presence. It’s time to awaken your soul’s truest desires and unlock your human potential.



l’ll go deep by turning  on the light and unveiling the aspects of you that restrict and keep you from experiencing a fulfilled life. It’s making the darkness conscious to be able to take responsibility to exist freely. It’s getting in touch with the truth of who you are.


It’s taking the blinkers  off your eyes, unplugging your ears and owning the very things you are afraid of. I will take you through a series of mindset shifting activities that will support you to transcend the limitations of your past and step into your greatness. You will be able to take away the process with you and consistently use it for the rest of your life.



By uncovering the unconscious  patterns we release toxic emotional energy. This is where you begin to reclaim you. You extract the wisdom from your wounds and ultimately make peace with your pain. Our highest purpose is to learn and grow from our experiences and then move on. When you embrace your gifts, you discover the magic world within and you are free to choose the experiences you desire. It’s stepping into your future.


There will be a one on one follow up phone call for 30 minutes post the retreat.


Julie Bolam

How do I want my life to be? What are the emotional states I want to feel consistently in my life? Honing in on what I value most, getting really clear on what that is and the meaning I give to these values has given me clarity and focus. I am so grateful to Ange Kambouris for giving me this gift.

Julie Bolam Johnson


When it comes to personal transformation coaching, it doesn’t get any better than this! Over the past few months Ange has helped me reconnect with my inner self and also helped me see that I can live my dreams and make them a reality! Her words of wisdom help me gain clarity, confidence

Joshua Calle



October 2019


Waurn Ponds Estate

Everything is included....

Once you arrive at Waurn Ponds Estate you will be taken care. You’re stylish, contemporary and comfortable rooms to relax and reboot, your healthy meals, program materials, and all the mindset shifting activities are all covered. A few little extra surprises along the way as well.

Where you’ll be staying...

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You will have access to a gym, heated outdoor swimming pool and spa, 2 tennis courts, basketball, push bikes, walking tracks, a lounge with spectacular views including a pool table and wireless internet.

So what are you waiting for?



Angela is always a professional woman who only wants the best for others. Not only does she listen to what you are saying, she respects you without judgement. She is my personal and professional mentor where she has been able to give me the tools needed to become the best version of myself and to become the best leader for my team. She is committed at all times to providing the best results.

Sia Argyrakos


I found as I result from my sessions with Angela, that these so called “obstacles” that have blocked me throughout my life seem very manageable to deal with. I am able to look at situations in a totally different light than previously. After each session I feel more empowered, confident and more trusting of myself. I look forward to continuing my sessions. Thank you Ange.

Francesca Jorgensen

This is not just another rah-rah make you feel good retreat.

This is your time  to uncover the unconscious patterns, release the toxic emotional energy and step up to really own your shit. It’s giving you permission to stand in your truth, open the door and bring yourself home.

Who is Angela Kambouris?

Ange is globally known as an authentic empowering leader. She is a highly valued leadership coach and business leader having spent over 20 years in the field of vulnerability and trauma.

Ange  is super passionate about redefining leadership across the world, bringing back human connection and compassion as she think our world needs a little more. What moves her is leading with soul, unlocking human potential and reconnecting people back to their internal power.

Ange has been featured as a writer and contributor for The Huffington Post, About Leaders –leaders making a difference and Global Thrive.She has worked and master-minded with leaders and expert authorities in personal development and business all over the world..

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Please note

I will be assessing each application and selecting 10 applicants that I feel best fit the Soul Immersion Retreat. If you are ready to delve deep and stand in your truth, l am ready to hear from you.