As a leadership coach and business leader having spent over 20 years in the field of vulnerability and trauma, l built a high-level career as an executive. My degrees in psychology, teaching and in addition expertise in human behavior, afforded me executive, senior manager and statewide emergency service role across Victoria, Australia. How to drive client and employee engagement, effectively manage and lead teams of people and create high performance workplaces.

When Angela Kambouris Consultancy was born, l brought 20 years of leadership experience and subsequently have worked with companies from small startup, educational institutions, non-for profit, government agencies and professional service firms.  Through personalized mentorship, speaking events and delivering high quality training, my clients create transformational change and bring their leadership capabilities to life. People flourish and business performance is improved through the following key areas:


  • Defining, developing and strengthening leadership teams
  • Creating leadership alignment
  • Building and maintaining a value driven culture
  • Creating dynamic team and meaningful relationships
  • Commitment to personal growth and continuous improvements

Success is birthed by a shared vision and values in action. A culture of human thriving is supported by shared stories, honest dialogue and a commitment to personal growth. Discipline, purpose and an urgency to deliver extraordinary results underpins an organization’s success.

I am a leadership consultant and l train chief executive officers and their teams on how to use thought leadership, personal branding and personal development to influence, impact and deliver results.

My most requested topics include leadership, personal development, mindset and culture. I customize my presentation to meet organizational needs. My intention is to facilitate the outcome you want to create.I have delivered training on the following key areas:

Leadership starts with you

Stepping into the leader you are becoming, taking ownership for your role and how you drive change today and into the future.

Bringing an organization to life

To lead, inspire and grow others, we need to collectively share a vision to creating lasting impact. This is more than just working together. This is understanding how to collectively achieve, influence and impact more.

The Leader’s mindset

Leadership is a belief. It’s mindset. It’s a way of being. It’s what you do when no one is in the room watching. You lead the way. You drive your success. To shift the game, you need to understand your mindset and how you create and determine the results.

Cultivating high performing teams among uncertainty

People are the greatest asset in any organization. Investing in capability and capacity building fosters a learning environment. By developing high quality leaders and a supportive team culture, staff value their team dynamic and consistently place the client at the center of all decision making.

How to lead like a woman

In a time of great change within the world an invitation is extended for women to embody the authentic power and wisdom of the feminine and lead courageously. Women leadership represents a way of leading that fosters connection and together lead humanity where we all thrive.

Human Dynamics – Cracking leadership codes

Open the door to your own behavioral style and how your needs are met in different situations. Unravels individual and team strengths and development areas to improve performance. It strengthens performance in life and business and empowers you to adjust or adapt behaviors to be more effective and impactful in a situation. The experience provides you with information not only to understand but also a blueprint to create new benchmarks and an action plan of success both individually and at a team performance level.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship is walking an unbeaten path. It mirrors life. A constant process of creation of who we are and the world around us. It is the pathway to becoming the best version of ourselves, experiencing what we are capable of and how we can contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

My clients choose to work with me because of experience of:

What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from me:

Although l currently live in Australia l work globally.

Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.

Personal phone consultation with me on location or via virtual means prior to your event.

Professional and dynamic delivered presentation focused on deliver outcomes you want with your audience.

Custom resource page, exclusively created for your attendees.

A post follow-up communication after the event to ensure expectations met.

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