Having been an executive and delivering statewide services, l appreciate the significance of working with the right speakers to deliver empowering content, engage an audience and create a space that moves people to lead the way.

I also know that when the quality of the speaker is not a great fit for the organization, the message does not hit the mark. Ripples are created and perhaps not in the way we want. My intention is to make this process simple.

I am a passionate, engaging and irreverent speaker. I bring energy and drive on stage. I have walked the walk.

I started from the front line, climbed to executive level and then transitioned into entrepreneurship.

I draw from my own experiences and personal transformation alongside passion, expertise and knowledge to add massive long term value.

More than just ‘rah - rah’, I leave audiences with real take home value and practical leadership tools.

Leaders create leaders. They place their staff before anything else. When you care about your people you create a human-centered business. Success is based on collective growth and extraordinary results. AK Consultancy



I have spoken at conferences, delivered workshops and engaged with front line staff through to senior managers, business owners and CEO’s to deliver on topics:


Leadership starts with you

Being a leader in the 21st century starts, amongst a time of change, uncertainty and chaos, leading the way is an opportunity to impact, influence and contribute. But it all starts with you. Your vision, your purpose, your why. If you can’t lead you, how will you lead others? This keynote is about stepping into the leader you are becoming, taking ownership for your role and how you drive change today and into the future.

Bringing an organization to life

The keys from moving from ME to WE centric culture. In a world where uncertainty runs rapid and chaotic environments appear to be the norm, leaders are struggling to create a shift from the me to we.

Yes, we need to lead our ourselves first however it’s even more than that today. To lead, inspire and grow others, we need to collectively share a vision to creating lasting impact. This is more than just working together. This is understanding how to collectively achieve, influence and impact more.

The Leader’s mindset

Leadership is a belief. It’s mindset. It’s a way of being. It’s what you do when no one is in the room watching.

You lead the way. You drive your success. To shift the game, you need to understand your mindset and how you create and determine the results.

In this presentation, we will explore how to:

* Act like a leader and drive change

* Four quadrants to personal leadership

* Expanding your unfamiliar zone

* Identify your unique positioning

* The four shifts that need to occur to achieve full potential and exceed all possibilities

Cultivating high performing teams among uncertainty

People are the greatest asset in any organisation. Investing in capability and capacity building fosters a learning environment. By developing high quality leaders and a supportive team culture, staff value their team dynamic and consistently place the client at the center of all decision making.

This session allows:

* Leaders to develop insights into their own behavior, patterns and strengths.

* Techniques on how to shift, embrace and take responsibility for who they are being and how they can contribute to the whole.

* Effective communication techniques that enhance functional relationships, foster collaboration and cement feelings of connection.

* Tools and a way of being that fosters a high - level performance culture where individuals take consistent action that lead towards strengthening a sense of unity and enhance organizational growth and client outcomes

How to lead like a woman

In a time of great change within the world an invitation is extended for women to embody the authentic power and wisdom of the feminine and lead courageously. To awaken into who you truly are, to make a difference in the world with our gifts, and together lead humanity where we all thrive. Women leadership represents a way of leading that fosters connection and together lead humanity where we all thrive. This workshop will unveil:

* The golden keys to leading like a woman

* Ignite your confidence and stand in your truth

* Use your voice to share your story

* Create thriving relationships that mirror your value

* Expand your influence and create more leaders

Human Dynamics – Cracking leadership codes

Like superhero’s we all have our unique qualities and talents. This presentation opens the door to your own behavioral style and how your needs are met in different situations. It unravels individual and team strengths and development areas to improve performance. It’s an opportunity to better understand your own behavior and give insights into behavior of others.

It strengthens performance in life and business and empowers you to adjust or adapt behaviors to be more effective and impactful in a situation. The experience provides you with information not only to understand but also a blueprint to create new benchmarks and an action plan of success both individually and at a team performance level.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset

It’s an inside job.

Entrepreneurship is walking an unbeaten path. It mirrors life. A constant process of creation of who we are and the world around us. It is the pathway to becoming the best version of ourselves, experiencing what we are capable of and how we can contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We build an inside team that works like the inside of a watch. When one turns, automatically, the other kicks in and flow is created. This presentation will illuminate how to create the space for your inside team to work in harmony by:

* Re-calibrating your internal compass

* Shift mindset and transform thinking

* Move from impossible to possible

A la carte

I develop and deliver specific tailored content based training, facilitate team events to unlock leadership potential, discover solutions together, make decisions and create strategic plans to move forward collectively.

A Little About Me

I have been speaking publicly for more than 15 years from delivering training, workshops and conference presentations within government, non - for profit sector and private sector. Since l transitioned into my own consultancy, l have continued to deliver:



  • Small Business Skills Summit (August 2018) delivered online. My presentation will be delivered 11 August 2018 - Leaving Ego At The Door When It Comes To Business.
  • Facilitated at Family Law Life (2018) delivered a series of workshops including business planning, identifying and implementation of a strategic business plan, 4 dimensions of leadership within business and Leading You in business workshop.
  • Facilitated at Ray White Dingley (2017 & 2018) Business Planning Workshop, Strengths in Leadership training and Decoding Human Behaviour Workshop including  EDISC profiling for the whole team.
  • Facilitated Daring to be You Workshop (2016 & 2017) -  90-minute Live Event in Melbourne, Australia
  • Facilitated and delivered Design Life’s Masterpiece Workshop (2016)– 90-minute Live Event and Online Webinar in Melbourne, Australia
  • Delivered Leading with Soul 4 Hour Intensive workshop (2016) – Live Event in Melbourne Australia
  • Facilitated and delivered Soul Immersion Retreat 2-day (2017 – 2 retreats) event in Victoria, Australia
  • Facilitated Leading You Immersion Group (2017) – 4-month group coaching program online. Weekly live sessions
  • Delivered Leadership series for Arbonne Australia & New Zealand (2016), including 5 Keys to Success thinking, Leadership starts with you, How to take your vision and inspire others, How to present to inspire action, Relationship building and networking. Live 90-minute workshops in Melbourne Victoria.
  • Delivered at Global Business College of Australia for Small Business Festival for Women Entrepreneurship (2016). My presentation -  Entrepreneurial Success – it’s an inside job


  • Facilitated and delivered two x 3-hour workshops to Department of Justice and Regulation (2017). Topic was Leadership starts with you with a focus on the leader’s mindset and culture. In addition, an indoor team building activity (Humanopoly) was facilitated.
  • Guest speaker on podcast Ignite Your Life (2017) to discuss how success is created within.
  • Whilst working at Department of Human Services (1995-2015), delivered leadership training and team building activities with a focus on strengthening culture to DHS staff, trained Bail Justices (Department of Justice) regarding after hour bail applications, delivered training regarding engagement and intervention of high risk adolescents within a street environment, specifically in relation to sexual exploitation. Delivered joint presentation with Victoria Police – Sexual Crimes Squad at the conference Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse. Workshop topic – Sexual Exploitation of Children.
  • Sessional teacher for Box Hill College of TAFE delivering a program on a range of topics for staff working in the human welfare field. (1997-1999)

My most requested topics include how leader's mindset drives workplace culture, how to cultivate leaders and set you and your team for marketplace success. Also personal development topics.


Team building activities connect individuals in an authentic and cohesive manner to align with each other and the organisation’s mission and to work together to create an inspired culture and high performance organisation.

One of the indoor team building activities that l deliver encapsulates a touch of chaos, a dash of craziness, some teams of unsuspecting people and a massive amount of fun. Let’s call it – Humanopoly. It will be 1.5 hours of indoor, simple, unique indoor team building activities. High energy with huge fun team events that will be connected to key messages, core outcomes and delivered in a fun, unique and deliberate way.


Outcomes and benefits to organizations

Leaders will be inspired to unlock their potential, follow their own path and lead as change makers.

Leaders will be inspired to become better leaders and create more leaders.

Leaders will understand the four shifts of impactful leadership, why each of these elements create leaders and how they are essential in the context of leading an organization.

Leaders will accept all success is an inside job.

Leaders will understand that change is inevitable, uncertainty is opportunity and what makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow.

Leaders will leave with practicable and actionable steps to implement immediately.

Leaders will embrace result driven practices.


Initial 15-minute potential collaboration chat to see if we are a good fit. If a match then a one hour free strategy session to be delivered in person or via virtual office.

Are we a good fit?

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