Angela Di Fede – 2

Leading You Immersion Group

Now this is a course for you if you want to shift your life around.  Every week Angela presents various topics about the personal self, internal and external influences and the power you have to change your life. Angela speaks with such passion and conviction, that during her presentations, it helps you to reflect on your triggers, your personality, your weakness and strengths and areas of your life you were not even aware of. Many light bulb moments. Angela provides you with information, worksheets and tools weekly to assist you to reflect and shift areas of your life. These have been extremely helpful as they have assisted me to change my stagnant way of thinking, understanding others and changed areas of my life. I would highly recommend the Leading You Immersion Group as it helps you to commit time to yourself, to listen, to learn, to challenge yourself, to brings awareness and empowerment to change the way you think and your life.