Jeanie Dean

Online Program -You Matter 

As a professional, a wife, mother of two, friend, sister and daughter, I was living a life that on the outside looked great, but on the inside felt, overwhelming and chaotic.  I for the first time (that I allowed myself to recognize) had reached a point in my life where I felt lost, I felt that I had lost who I was, and had lost the capacity to have a life that worked in harmony.  In what felt like a crisis,  my response was to this was to hide from everything and everyone and ignore anything that challenged my thinking,  and my justification for this was, I had responsibilities that I had to maintain, I had to make sure everything was perfect for my family.  After maintain this for approximately 18 months, I experienced the unexpected loss of someone dear to me, and I my ability to maintain this was no longer possible, which only led to the next logical step crying, feeling sorry for myself, anger, withdrawal from everyone and everything, chaotic thinking and to finish it off manic behaviour.  Then…..  I met Ange Kambouris the woman who challenges your every thought and behaviour, the woman who has the capacity to say so little but make you feel so much, and the woman who calls out the Bull Shit and Avoidance, and Dares you to be yourself!

I commenced the Blueprint Module and after few short weeks of commencing the module, I stated to feel (which was clear by the tears that were blinding me, and the sounds of laughter coming from my mouth).   What felt like the impossible had once again become possible. I remembered who I was, what I wanted and why I wanted it, but was still in a place where I was slowing everything in my life down to give me space to find myself.   The activities in the Blueprint Modules helped me to do this, through the activities, I started to discover my passion, how I was connected to my passion, and used this to start the process of inspiring my vision, what do I want and how am I going to get.  The Blue Print  allowed me to place my thoughts, feelings, goals, actions and dreams into segments and with guidance and support find myself.

What I have discovered through the Blueprint is this amazing opportunity to be myself.  I am Jeanie Dean, I am loyal, funny, intelligent, dedicated, loving, determined, a little silly, devoted, committed and honest and every day I am working toward being the best version of myself, so I can be a mother, wife, professional, friend, sister and daughter.  The Blue Print has afforded me an opportunity to remember me, and taught me to give myself permission to GROW, both professionally and personally.