Judith McDonald

I was facing a challenge in by business as it was not growing due to my lack of understanding of marketing and I was at the crossroads of what to do.

Having had unsatisfactory experiences with consultants in the past I had no intention of working with another one. After meeting up with Angela at a couple of functions I could tell her integrity, honesty and intention to help me succeed was worth the investment.

Angela was clear and concise with her instructions that encouraged me to explore and experiment with different avenues of my business that I had been afraid to do previously. She has a way of understanding her clients personality and uses this to facilitate the best way to motivate and encourage them to succeed.

Angela has given me the confidence to explore and experiment in all areas of my business and to turn around when something does not succeed and look for a new tactic.

I have no hesitation in recommending Angela to anyone, whether they need assistance in the business or personal aspects of their life.