Marla Dunn

I met Angela in a professional setting about a year ago.   I was instantly impressed with her passion, intelligence, but most of all, with her commitment towards her clients. But it wasn’t until I became a client that I realised what an incredibly masterful coach Ang is. At that time, I was building my own business as well as working towards developing my personal life into what I knew it could be, but didn’t really know how. Funnily enough, while I am also a passionate coach, I had struggled as a client to have a coaching experience that was really impactful for me. When I started working with Ang, I immediately knew that this would be different. During our sessions, Angela demonstrated a depth of curiosity, compassion, and confidence that allowed me to feel completely at ease. My intended outcome was to become clear and connected with my values so that I could then take the steps necessary to live in accordance with them in all facets of my life. This was achieved in very powerful way – I had never experienced spending time with someone whose sole commitment was to me, to my vision, my thoughts, my world. And it was even more than that, because while I was always supported, I was also challenged. Challenged to recognize my strengths and challenged to acknowledge (and be totally comfortable) with decisions and actions I was taking that weren’t aligned with my goals. She guided me to take responsibility for my thinking and empowered me to truly understand that I was the driver of my life, not simply a passenger. Since working with Ang, I have clarity around what I want to experience in life and business. As a result, I am consistently making decisions and taking actions that are moving me exactly in the direction I want to go. If I had not made the decision to work with Ang and to then commit to myself, I wouldn’t have the mindset that is currently serving me now. Angela is professional, yet personal. She is willing to go the distance for her clients. I am grateful for what I have learned and how I have grown as a result. Many thanks!

Marla Dunne