Michelle Spadafora

Personal Transformational Coaching

I cannot express how grateful I am for everything that you have done. I have never really taken the time to explore within my self or even dedicate time to myself and you have given me the tools to be able to do so. Like many, I was always the one who was happy to help others but when it came to myself I would burry my issue hoping that they would eventually disappear, not realising that it was effecting me from moving forward whether personally or professionally. You have taught me to nurture and love myself and although it sounds simple and easy to do it was a big steps for me. But I am happy to say that I am so proud that I took the courage to take the first step with an open mind. I love the new me, well the me that I was born to be but hiding because of fear. People have already started to notice a change in me, my positive energy and aura and it feels amazing. I am connecting with people on a different level and being true to myself, trusting my intuition.

Thank you for your professionalism, from the get go without having met you face to face you made me feel comfortable to open up to you, there was a connection, I felt safe and knew that I was not going to be judged. I am still amazed how our conversation would start in one direction and then all of a sudden it took a turn to another and it felt good and I knew I was head down the right path with your guidance. Thank you.