Sia Karonis -3

Human Dynamics – EDISC Profiling

What an experience – it was like she was mind reading me!

Amazing how a simple and easy questionnaire draws out your behavioural style, how to manage you and others you deal with in life and in your career so you get can the results you want. It was a great opportunity to better understand my own behavior and learn how l can expand and adapt my thinking to achieve different outcomes. It was fantastic that l got a detailed report that highlighted my strengths, the areas l need to work, what motivates me, what causes me stress and how l can adapt my style when working with others. Loved that in the two hour unpack l got insights about me and how l can improve myself .Really good insight about working in a team environment as well. I also had an opportunity to understand what my obstacles were so l could focus on how l was going to break them down and design the life and business l want.

Thank you Ange for your insights and the opportunity to help me grow. You are an inspirational coach!