The UNIQUE gifts YOU bring to the WORLD

Who are you? What do you stand for? What role do you play? More like how many roles do you deliver or fulfil all at the same time? When we explore the different roles we play whether it be father, mother, child, daughter, teacher, manager, director, these are an aspect of you. They don’t define who you are or fundamentally what is inside of you – your inner self.

Purpose, values, vision, motivation, goals, beliefs make up the components of our inner self. Knowing what they internally represent, how we think, what is important to us, and what state we want to experience everyday consistently. What drives us and what are the roadblocks that we create, all require introspection and self-awareness.

Be clear what you stand for, what inspires you, what rocks your world and what is the “shit” we tell ourselves every day that stagnates us moving towards our goals.

When you define your own life for you, you connect with who you really are. You consciously choose the life you wish to live, the path you choose to create and the vision you want to bring to life. Life is a learning journey in self-discovery. Embrace wholeheartedly what you stand for and live this in a conscious and purposeful manner.


How to discover your inner self:

Grab a pen and paper. There are a list of questions that you need to ask yourself. Write the first thing that comes to the forefront of your mind and connect with your gut instinct. There is no wrong or right answer. Trust you.

What am l great at?

What am l passionate about?

What do l value?

What is my vision for me?

What motivates me in my life?

What gets me going day after day?

What will l fight for?

What are the qualities important to me?

What are my beliefs of the world?

What am l afraid of?

What are you inspired by?

Who do l admire?

How do you want to be remembered?

This exploration triggers a part in your brain to look introspectively as you stir the depth of your soul. You become more aware of your thoughts and actions as what you focus on is where you energy will flow. You start to carve an impression of who you are on the inside.

When we start this exploration, conflicts can arise between who you are, who you are expected to be and who you are becoming. It creates an opportunity to begin living in alignment with your inner self. The choice is always yours. Take a step every day toward your inner self, toward your vision. Make a conscious effort to be congruent with who you are and embrace the life you are supposed to live.