Unwavering Focus Is the Super Power of All Elite Entrepreneurs

There are some common culprits that people use as excuses for their lack of commitment — time of the year, the economy, what others may think. If you continue to dwell on these excuses, they begin to control your actions and keep you from being successful. The most successful people focus on what they can control rather than trying to deal with the things they can’t control. When you focus on the things you do have control over, magic happens.

You ultimately decide the moment that something won’t work. Or you allow a reason, excuse or something else that someone has told you to persuade you from acting. It’s in a moment you’ve lost that opportunity. Your brain conspires to gather all the evidence to support what you are looking for. Your brain is wired to look for the negative.

Leaders are driven, not self-made.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California, arrived in America with no money and little belongings. He was fueled by his beliefs, internal drive and passion. Schwarzenegger has been quoted as saying, “l know the power of inspiration and if someone can stand on my shoulders to achieve greatness, l’m willing to help them up.” He is a fine example of someone who pushes himself to his limits. Breaking through the doubt, fear and inner critic is the only way to push you towards your success.

Eliminate the open-door policy.

The open-door policy in business has been running rife in HR wisdom and leadership development for way too long. Having an open door to people was the right thing to do to create a happy and engaged workforce. People have taken it upon themselves to use the open door as permission to bitch and whine about their problems and create stories about events. A 5-minute pop-in would result in a 30-minute portal of drama.

When you decide to keep your office door shut, you gain quality interactions during the limited times you have. You retain your focus by changing the conversation when someone asks for a minute. Instead of passively listening, give yourself permission to close the door at times. When it’s open, help your people to shift their thinking to a focus on the facts, not the narrative. Focus on the proposed solutions and helpful actions that would propel ecological outcomes.

Tim Ferris, bestselling author and host of The Tim Ferris Show, describes leadership as making the important and unpopular decisions. To be a great leader, you must be less distracted than your competition. Otherwise you drown in the insignificant and trivial.

Focus on one thing.

Being committed to a single vision and refusing to get distracted by other prosperous opportunities creates industry leaders. Success means narrowing down and focusing on one thing. The scatterbrain approach creates chaos and failure. Warren Buffett says that when you put a lot of money in a lot of things, you end up with a zoo. Successful investing takes time, discipline and patience. “You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” — Buffett

Persistence partners with patience.

There is no overnight success. Steven Spielberg had the rights to “Schindler’s list” for 10 years before he was ready to make the movie that won him the Oscar for Best Director. Failure is inevitable. It’s feedback, and you choose how the story is to be written. Whether it’s making a mistake, defining it as a rejection or you not being worthy enough, you determine the meaning of the experience. Feedback must be used as a stepping stone to build upon and to relentlessly move forward. Sound advice from Steven Spielberg — “Replace fear with curiosity.”

Manage your energy, not your time.

The most successful people haven’t figured out how to best manage their time. Instead they have figured your how to best manage their energy. Every human being faces an energy crisis when we stretch ourselves beyond our limits 24/7, without taking time out for self-care and renewal. Successful people combat energy crisis by identifying rituals for building and renewing physical energy by healthy eating habits and sleep.

Ferris spends the last hour before bed drinking decaffeinated tea with honey, getting in a soaking tub and reading fiction, alongside his thermos of iced water. His consistent ritual creates a deep sleep for a previous insomniac.

Schwarzenegger’s daily ritual wasn’t a walk on the beach. He had a regimented approach to work, training and nutrition. Driven by focus, hard work and incredible discipline, he would wake up in the morning and, without fail, make his bed. His home was immaculate and the discipline of getting up in the morning and straightening up before he left the house was his mantra. He attributed one of his keys to success was his introduction of discipline and control in his life that started when he would wake up in the morning.

Your determination, focus and commitment ensure your arrival. You grow your business when you want to grow it. You become intentional, focused and act. Master this way of being, and you will be untouchable in your field.

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