What creates success in the 21st century?

Serving others from a place of love and compassion fundamentally underpins success. For me, success is when l can love, laugh and feel happy about the tiniest things and have a peaceful mind. It’s when l can touch another person’s life. When we give from a place of humility we create an environment where people and business flourish. Research tells us that your happiness increases and your definition of success drives your sense of fulfillment. Creating a sacred space of generosity magnifies the success of all.
Creating the mindset of giving is the gift we can give to the world. When we shift our thinking, we re-calibrate our environments to be human centered, we give back to people. Is that not why we are here for? When we bring all people closer to love in the space of conflicts and adversity, this is our true purpose on earth. To experience love. We create an internal bubble to strengthen our authentic self, align ourselves with upgraded values and we create a space where we can find the better way today. All we need is what we have within us now. When we get to the truth of self, energetically we raise our vibration to serve more, help more and receive more.
Be a service giver
When we monopolize our neural wiring to master the dominant mindset of being, we align our internal intent with what we say and ultimately what we feel. We immerse ourselves as service givers, not service getters.
Move mindset from scarcity to generosity
One of the greatest lessons l learnt was to shift the mindset from a scarcity model to a generosity mindset. Live your life as if it matters tremendously, as it does! WOW every person you interact with, go beyond what people expect and serve from a place of giving to the world. When you do business, this mindset is critical. Our organizations are over-populated with scarcity, fear, and people being driven by everything that is wrong around them. This infests the map of the world, their relationships and often the closest people to them. If you want to watch the deterioration of the someone’s soul, live in a scarcity environment.
You always have a choice
Leaders, every day you have a choice – do you want to be a taker or a giver? Shift your mindset of generosity where great work is done in business from the love of what you do and when you serve others, it is done from a place of passion and compassion. Your raise your vibration, your energy, your time and resources.
Creating platforms of trust
The beautiful aspect of coming from a heart centered place, is that you create a platform of trust. Our world is drowning with takers, what someone can get from you, how they suck the energy out of you. Being generous does not equate to victim hood and the emotional massacre of things going wrong. When you come from the place of kindness and generosity – it does not mean you eradicate communication, boundaries and standards. You teach people how to treat you and others.
Become the leader of soul
When you look around, society is magnificent at reinforcing how all the external goodies in life, the hot sports car, the flashy house all lead to happiness. When you choose the things external to you to measure your happiness you place yourself in a vulnerable place – what l mean by that all the material things – and l love my shiny things as well – if you lose them then what? If you lose those things external to you, you lose your power, you lose your status and your significance. When our inner drivers are connected to our internal power and we measure happiness through the lens, you play a bigger game. You become the leader of soul. You tap into the internal resources within to magnify your creative being, your bravery thinking and stand tall to represent love for the world. You love forward and bring to life your focus of making the world a better place.