Where is your emotional home?

Where is your emotional home?

Are you happy no matter what?

Or do you obsess about you 24/7?

Do you use these words – perhaps you have lost something? Maybe you are less than something? Or maybe, you will never have that again?

Are you suffering all the things you believe you have missed out?

Maybe if we shifted gears and stopped living in someone else’s business our home may be a little different.

Do you need to upgrade your address?

Let me share with you, lean in just a little…

The quality of your life is the quality of the emotions you live with every day.

If you want a solution to end suffering – let it go.

Kill the monster when it is small, not when it is GODZILLA.

Be happy no matter what.

Catch the thought when it arises.

Make the real decision and be free.

Be committed to you.

Do something loving.

There is no victim, only volunteers.

Change your breath.

See it go past you.

Change your body.

See it go past you.

Just another thought.

Be grateful.

When was the last time you stepped on the gratitude train?

I wonder what would happen if you booked a seat?

Isn’t it time?


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