Who is doing the talking?

Talking seems to be so easy these days as if our life depends on it.

A lot of hype, gossip, chatter and people immersing themselves in the limelight.

Silence is often tainted as a weakness.

What if silence was the strength?

What if silence was the home of the confident and strong?

We talk about having behaviour flexibility that being if it doesn’t work, try something else and if that doesn’t work try something else.

What if we strategically closed the lid on chatter?

What if we created success through 100% focus and effort and minimised the hype?

Isn’t the most impactful and influential work, the piece that unleashes from the struggle, the wrestling or facing life?

Question to ask you?

Do you engage in the BS chatter, expend you energy or do you face the challenge head on?

If you want to influence, then work quietly in the corner.

Focus on turning your inner miniature earthquake into something – a lesson, a product, a service.

When you are engaged in creating then when time comes to do the talking, you have earned it.


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