As a leadership coach and business leader having spent over 20 years in the field of vulnerability and trauma, Angela built a high-level career as an executive. She led both government and community service organisations. Her degrees in psychology, teaching and in addition expertise in human behavior, afforded her executive, senior manager and statewide emergency service role across Victoria, Australia. How to drive client and employee engagement, effectively manage and lead teams of people and create high performance workplaces.

Today, Angela is a leadership consultant and trains chief executive officers, business owners and their teams on how to use thought leadership, personal branding and personal development to influence, impact and deliver results. Her area of expertise and passion lies in cultivating high-performing teams, people-centric workplaces and leading cultures.

Angela has published articles, mentored and spoken on how the leader’s mindset drives workplace culture, how to cultivate leaders and set the leadership team for success. In addition, on topics as inclusive leadership, eliminating emotional waste in business, and cultivating high performing teams to increase company’s bottom line.

Through personalized mentor-ship, speaking events and delivering high quality training, my clients create transformational change and bring their leadership capabilities to life.


As a consulting, learning and development company, we partner with you to:

  • Evolve your leadership with a starting point of you
  • Build high performing cultures and more meaningful workplaces by developing the human within each leader
  • Design processes and systems to operate more efficiently, profitably and sustainably improving performance organizationally
  • Align leadership and culture with organisation's vision and strategy
  • Develop a culture that differentiates you from your competition by identifying your greatest areas of opportunity and bringing them to life

From the results of our discussions and analysis, we provide:

  • Tailored advice aligned with your organisational objectives
  • Bring purpose and brand in alignment
  • Support you in-real-time coaching, group workshops and e-learning
  • Conduct a post implementation audit to validate and measure improvement
  • Continue this process until you have achieved the results you set out to achieve

We integrate human psychology, behavioral science, neuroscience and psychometric tools to drive thinking and practices.

We are the trusted adviser and skilled partner to executives, business leaders and Fortune 500 companies on the specific topics:

Leadership - evolving your leadership with a starting point of you to find greater meaning and purpose in your work.

Team - building better human relationships to drive better business outcomes.

Employee engagement and experience - co-creating an environment where your people are engaged by their work and you will notice higher levels of productivity, better retention rates, an increased sense of health and well and a boost to your bottom line.

Culture - build an inspired culture that embraces inclusivity.

I customize presentations to meet organizational needs. l have delivered training on the following key areas:

The Conscious Leader

Future ready leaders must take priority to disrupt tomorrow's business environment. In today's digital world, a more conscious leadership is demanded to ensure workplaces succeed in a rapidly changing business world in years ahead. A new generation of conscious leaders must embrace four key principles - purpose-driven, inclusivity, emotional and social intelligence and trust. This presentation will deliver a blueprint for what future leaders must look like to unleash a truly-world leading culture.

Command and Control Are Dead. Inclusive Leadership Triumphs.

Making inclusion a cornerstone of company culture assures you that every good idea is voiced and heard. Diversity creates opportunity, value and respect for all. Inclusive leaders ensure you feel it. Inclusion makes all people feel like they belong. It's about finding like-mindedness in our differences and placing our unique differences at the centre of conversations to be able to grow and build inclusive teams. Inclusion is about growth of the individual, team and organisation. You break down silos by shared problem solving and creating safe and trusting environments. Inclusion is mandatory part of organisational culture and defining how a company listens to its people is today's business. Diversity and inclusion are now a business reality. This presentation we will share how embracing inclusive practices make a difference to business success.

The Leader’s Mindset

Leadership is a belief. It’s mindset. It’s a way of being. It’s what you do when no one is in the room watching. You lead the way. You drive your success. To shift the game, you need to understand your mindset and how you create and determine the results. In this presentation, we will explore how act like a leader and drive change; the four quadrants to personal leadership; identify your unique positioning and; to shift your focus from managing time to managing energy.

Creating A More Human-Centred Workplace Culture

Culture exists in every workplace whether it is by design or default. Gallup has shown us time and time again that an improved work culture increases employee engagement, productivity and aligns an employee's goals with an employer's mission. A strong culture isn't just about fun and games and wacky perks. People want to fee a sense of achievement and deep fulfilment. Culture is what guides employees when leaders are not around. It's what you do when no one is looking. Loyal employees will uphold your brand and ensure the sustainability of your business. The more you invest in people, the better the culture will be. Strong culture results in more people engaged. The equation is simple. This presentation will share five strategies that will help employees feel valued, invested in and where both business and people flourish.

How To Lead Like A Woman

Women entrepreneurs represent some of the best business leaders the world has ever seen. Despite the significant element of corporate influence, 21st century women still face challenges that stifle and hinder their rise in the corporate world. Women are the largest untapped entrepreneurial and leadership potential in the world. Female leaders must tap into their own emotional intelligence rather than fitting into some template others have created for them. This presentation will share three challenges women may find themselves facing and how they can lead from their strengths, stay in alignment with who they are and overcome inequities to thrive in the corporate arena or entrepreneurial land.

Human Dynamics – Cracking Leadership Codes

Like superhero's we all have our unique qualities and talents. This presentation opens the door to your own behavioural style and how your needs are met in different situations. It unravels individual and team strengths and development areas to improve performance. It strengthens performance in life and business and empowers you to adjust or adapt behaviours to be more effective and impactful in a situation. The experience provides you with information not only to understand but also a blueprint to create new benchmarks and an action plan of success both individually and at a team performance level.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Corporate experience and your own entrepreneurial streak can create an explosive combination. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset doesn't require an MBA or millions of dollars. It does, however demand that you are willing to imagine new ways to solve problems, embrace failure and create extraordinary value.The entrepreneurial spirit is driven by love of their product or service. They have an innate passion for making a difference in the world.They want to add value within the organisation, improve their ability to chart new paths or challenge the status quo to become a force for innovation.They experience a shift in mindset where they explore and amplify their inherent drives. Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset company-wide helps you gain a competitive edge and create opportunities for growth. It can be a means to improve products, processes and services; to acquire and retain new clients; and to attract and retain quality people in business. This presentation will show you how to get started.

Five Ways Leaders Re-Boot Employee Engagement

Can you remember when you first joined your team, full of enthusiasm, passion and determination you were going to make a difference? You are pumped with new ideas, strategies and palpable energy that would permeate the walls of any building. Then as time progressed, days turned into months, your energy plateaued, your enthusiasm waned and you began to feel disconnected. Frustration mounted, roadblocks seemed like un-achievable peak tops. If this sounds familiar, you are around great company. No one is immune feeling alone, experiencing the same frustration or act times the lack of productivity. All levels of the organisation, including leaders have experienced at some point the disconnect. The great news is that many have also risen above to confront and re-engage within their organisation.When you tap into the genuine commitment of unlocking the human potential within your organisation, people re-engage and success comes to those who dare to be brave. This presentation will share a list of five actionable ideas to re-boot engagement in your organisation.

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